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Moona's Spiritual Reading Room & Healing Center provides psychic readings for local and nationwide clients. We have been at the same location for more than 25 years. Our psychic reader is honest, accurate, and dependable.

Seeing Eye

Psychic Readings

These readings are more detailed than tarot card readings. This reading is for people who are lost and confused. If you need questions answered, psychic readings will help you with money, love, life, and health. These are very detailed readings and usually project about a year into the future. Tarot card readings are based on a 6-month prediction cycle so there is quite a difference. When you have questions that must be answered right now, this is the type of reading you want.

Healing or Therapies

Moona Is A Healer Of Reiki She is a  Master of 1 and 2. The purpose of healing is to remove all negative energy, obstacles, and impurities in one's life. Healing centers the soul, mind, and body. Reiki is distance healing or hands-free healing. Other healing services include:

  • Chakra Balancing, Realignment, and Purification 
  • Twin Flam Specialist 
  • Aura Cleansing
  • Soul Mate Discovery
  • Crystal Healing
  • Love & Relationship Specialist
  • Soul Realigning

Life Coaching

Our psychic is also a certified life coach with a doctorate in parapsychology from Berkeley, California. She can help you to see the effects of the decisions you make and will work to help you make the right decisions and reach your goals.

Our psychic is available for events, such as:

  • Reiki Healing Parties
  • Spa Parties
  • Any Social or Group Gathering

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our life coach. Our psychic services are also available via the phone or through local service.